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Travelling with kids » Lisbon stories - belong to the city!

Travelling with kids

Did you know that Portugal is considered a family-friendly country?


Bringing your kids to Lisbon doesn’t need to be a nightmare.

Depending on your kids’ age, we can easily create a program fun for kids and interesting for adults.

We can combine attractions such as:

 - St George castle, exploring the wall walks

 - Alfama, wandering around the narrow streets, letting your kids lead the way

 - Lisbon’s aquarium

 - Tile workshop

 - Cooking class oriented for kids

And much, much more.


Child seats and booster seats are provided free of charge.

The itinerary is totally flexible and can be easily changed up to the day of. We can stop as often as needed, either to play in a park, have a snack or just take a nap.

Our prices are child-friendly too:

Kids under 12: free.

Kids between 12 and 18: 50% discount.

Discounts apply during slow season, from October to May. 


Feel free to ask a question